Blanchard Valley Residential Services, Inc.

Variety of Services BVRSI offers

Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IID)

 The Blanchard Valley Residential Services ICF program is a home like setting that provides a variety of services to meet all of an individual's  care needs. An ICF IID program offers the following services (this is not an inclusive list):

  • Assistance with Daily Needs- We staff our homes 24 hours a day with Direct Support Professionals who provide personal care, as well as recreational opportunities. Our Direct Support Professionals develop special bonds with individuals who they care for on a regular basis.
  •  Medical Services- Nurses at BVRSI provide high quality medical care for individuals. Medication administration, respiratory treatments, skin and wound care, and ostomy care are among the many services the nurses provide. Our staff of an RN, LPN's, and Nursing Assistants provide 24 hours a day routine and emergency medical services, and continually assess individuals for medical concerns. Our physician is present weekly or as needed, and is on-call to address medical concerns. BVRSI also has available psychiatry, psychology, dietetic, occupational therapy, dental, podiatry, and audiology services.
  •  Case Management - QIDP is the case manager of individuals living in the ICF program. The QIDP is responsible for the developments of the Individual Service Plan and has the responsibility to ensure the plan in implemented.
  •  Financial and Transportation Services

 The ICF program is licensed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. The Department of Health (DOH) certifies the licensed facility   through yearly surveys; ensuring compliance with the Federal requirements.

Waiver Services in Individuals Homes and at our Day Services Location

 Through the waiver program, BVRSI provides a variety of services, supports, and supervision necessary for the health and welfare of an          individual; which enables an individual to live in the community. The goal of this program is to assist individuals to live as independently as   possible  in their home and community (homemaker/personal care services as defined by the Ohio Department of DD).  The following is what  makes this service different from the ICF IID program:

  • Free Choice of Provider. If an individual chooses BVRSI as the provider, we provide assistance in the aspects of an individual's life identified in the Individual Service Plan. BVRSI's medical personnel provides oversight of an individual's medical needs.   
  • The waiver pays for the care provided by staff in the home. The individual, utilizing their personal dollars pays for daily expenses (e.g. rent, utilities, food, personal care needs, etc.). When an individual is awarded a waiver, the money to cover the cost of care is owned by the individual, the money goes with the individual.
  • Case Management is provided by the County Service and Support Administrator (SSA). The SSA authors the Individual Service Plan. If an individual chooses BVRSI, the QIDP ensures all needs identified in the ISP are met by BVRSI staff.

 The Waiver program is monitored by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. ODODD completes a provider compliance review

 every 3 years. BVRSI is a certified provider with the ODODD to provide homemaker personal care and transportation services, non-medical

 transportation, Day Services, and supported living.