Our Values

Our Background

The following are BVRSI Value Statements.

  • WE VALUE...a Sense of Responsibility to the individuals We Support
  • WE VALUE...Quality Services and Relationships
  • WE VALUE... Community Involvement
  • WE VALUE...All people Living up to their Fullest Potential
  • WE VALUE... Integrity and Teamwork

Our Leadership Team

We are dedicated to encouraging individuals with disabilities to reach their greatest potential, while supporting quality meaningful life choices and opportunities through a person centered approach in their home and community.

Our mission

Blanchard Valley Residential Services, Inc.

Blanchard Valley Residential opened our doors as a residential provider in 1976. In June of 2014, we privatized our program from the Hancock County Board of Developmental Disabilities and became Blanchard Valley Residential Services, Inc. (BVRSI). BVRSI is a not-for-profit organization that is operated by a seven member board.


This transition was largely due to our continual efforts and desire to assist individuals with different ability to live in the residential setting of his or her choice; whether it be in our facility based care or in a more integrated settings in the community. Our goal is to continue to support individuals and their families by providing the same high quality services that they are accustomed to receiving.

CEO- Tammy Bonifas

COO - Michelle Post  

Fiscal Coordinator- Kendra Greene

Human Resources Manager- Nicole Rosengarten

Director of Nursing - Melanie Flory
Program Coordinator/QIDP- Rachel Shuler, Stephanie Olman

Supervisors- Janna Richards, Kat Kingery, Jayme Funk, Jennifer Hertel

Administrative Assistant- Brooke Pratt